He & She: An Eternal Story (7)

Her Eyes, now numb blank voids

He looked at her again, staring, completely smitten as she turned away from the flowers she had been admiring.

“Can you get any more beautiful?” he asked.

She shook her head shyly and laughed dryly. “You made me believe that I couldn’t and you were also the one who made me feel that maybe I had to, when you left me for another.”

As she started walking away, he held her hand, not wanting to lose their eternal story. She turned to look at him and as he looked into her eyes, he immediately left her hand. They were not the warm, deep and kind eyes of the woman he once loved; they were just numb, blank voids.



All Rights Reserved. Vanya Rajwar (VRa).

The Soul’s UrgeĀ©|2020

Published by

Vanya Rajwar

That "not so social" author. An Alpha by sight but a lone wolf by right. Eternally and Devastatingly romantic. Not 'sugary' but dark and tormented. A furore of passion and the despair of an idealism not realised. An Ambivert; my calm demeanour hides the raging storm of emotions inside. A Freelance Writer; expressing emotions through words.

6 thoughts on “He & She: An Eternal Story (7)”

  1. I must say that you are a pretty young lady, vibrant and unique in your own way. No one needs to get “more beautiful”, people need to have the eyes to see their beauty. As far as flaws are concerned, we all are flawed, and we ought to improve for our own selves, not for someone else’s sake. Great read it was.

    1. Ahhh! Thankyou I guess. Everyone is unique in their own ways and I consider myself a tormented romantic so the heartbreaking stories. Haha. I just believe in making yourself a better version of you everyday.
      And True beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.
      Glad you liked it. I just get inspired by all the stories humans hold abound.

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