Nature, The essence of my entity

Because nature is my home,

It dwells in my very soul.

The creator’s symphony,

It’s the very essence of my entity.



All Rights Reserved. Vanya Rajwar (VRa).

The Soul’s Urge ©|2020

Published by

Vanya Rajwar

That "not so social" author. An Alpha by sight but a lone wolf by right. Eternally and Devastatingly romantic. Not 'sugary' but dark and tormented. A furore of passion and the despair of an idealism not realised. An Ambivert; my calm demeanour hides the raging storm of emotions inside. A Freelance Writer; expressing emotions through words.

13 thoughts on “Symphony”

    1. Thankyou so much. Glad you liked it! Nature is the very part of one’s existence.

      Yes, I did. I love the nature and apparently I seem to be jumping into rivers and lakes, every time I see one. Haha.

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