Trailer and Book Out

Finally available on all platforms!

The lockdown proved to be a huge drawback for my book but finally the trailer is out and it is also available on all platforms.

I hope you all will keep supporting me, a woman who has the heart of a nine year old and is on the path of realising her childhood dream. I had tears in my eyes when I held my book in my hand, I probably couldn’t believe it.

I fearfully hope to become a recognised author someday. For the time being I just want to follow my passion and keep writing, making my imagination as well as observations come alive on paper. Thankyou again for all the love and support.

Link to the trailer of my book: YOU WE: The Trailer Do watch and enjoy.

Available on the following platforms:


For all the E-BOOK READERS out there:
Amazon Kindle:
KOBO: Google Playstore:
Apple Books:

Do Grab your copies (if you want to). I have written it in the most simplistic format to make it easy for all to understand and also to make it a smooth read. I hope you read it and support my dream. if you like it do leave your reviews. Haha!

You are free to text me as and when you please on Insta or Facebook or you can just mail me.

Instagram: vanya_rajwar


Thankyou!! ❤️❤️

All Rights Reserved. Vanya Rajwar (VRa)

The Soul’s Urge©|2020

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Vanya Rajwar

That "not so social" author. An Alpha by sight but a lone wolf by right. Eternally and Devastatingly romantic. Not 'sugary' but dark and tormented. A furore of passion and the despair of an idealism not realised. An Ambivert; my calm demeanour hides the raging storm of emotions inside. A Freelance Writer; expressing emotions through words.

30 thoughts on “Trailer and Book Out”

      1. I spend time for reading… I love to read. Now I got some more books.. crime and punishment, perl at end house…pandemic season helped me to realize my real purpose of life. I want to read more….. I wanted explore more traveling and reading.I will definitely read your book. Are you a traveler?

      2. Definitely. READ more. Books don’t abandon you, ever. Read, then read some more, explore your most inert desires. That’s what it boils down to. Ah yes! I love traveling but I won’t be traveling for a long time to come now at least till this corona fiasco passes. And after that I will focus on domestic travels more.
        For the time being I just want to write and live my childhood dream of being an author.

      3. Yes… my parents encouraged me to read a lot to read. It changed my attitude towards life. It liberalized my my mind. Can you please suggest some books if you don’t mind?

      4. I want to read more about marginalized people or groups. I have read some books based on feminism. Similar any category books!

      5. Well you can read the poems aid maya Angelou,
        The hate U give
        A book of light
        But you don’t look like a Muslim
        Dear Martin
        Purple Hibiscus
        And there are so many more

      6. I have studied the works of maya Angelou during my college times…. I will definitely read friend. I try to read from the work from different genres or categories to acquire knowledge.

      7. That’s great. You should have great collections! Voracious readers have good mindset about life. They treat people equally. When I read feminist works I realized the problems of women, When I read the books related to race/ caste i have realised the problems of this people… now I am searching for the books that belongs to different genres…..

      8. Unlike the modern day feminists, the works on women address their actual problems. It’s not about the pseudo feminism, it’s all about the real problems, they talk about the actual essence of feminism and I am glad you like them.
        I like all kinds of books. Historical, sci fi, fantasy, religion, romance, thriller, mysteries anything but yes the classics hold a special place till today.
        In my 27 years of life I have job hopped a lot, I have explored and I have had fun, I haven’t stopped, but the lands and times that the books transfer me to are to unparalleled to any reality. Keep searching, keep reading and keep evolving.🌸

      9. I am really thankful for your valuable point..talking to people who is explored this will make a individual more knowledgeable. You have given me more insight about reading…….

      10. I am also 27 years old but I don’t have experience like you. I don’t like marginalizing people based on their identity. Everyone is equal. We don’t have the right to suppress people based on their gender, race or caste….

      11. I am glad you don’t. It’s rare to find people like these. People today hold such extreme views that at times I wonder if we will ever get to share neutral and unbiased viewpoints with anyone.

      12. Yes… maybe because people are not ready to observe the changes that is happening around us. Everything around us is changing, certain things that we believed right till yesterday may be wrong today. Certain things that we believed wrong till yesterday may be right today. We have to accept the changes. Society is revolutionizing now. The importance of caste is vanished. Women is getting more opportunities in society….. changes are evident in everything around the society… we have to accept it. I think as a writer you can educate the society more…

      13. So very true.
        But these revolutionary ideas have yet to reach the rural and backward areas especially in india.
        We need to make the society aware but the main question remains are they ready to accept it.
        In my own village, there is a separate well of the lower and upper castes till today. We still have a long way to go.

      14. They will accept it. It’s not easy process. We must keep working on it. We must keep sharing our thoughts and ideas…

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