He & She: An Eternal Story (4)

The Myth of Trevi Fountain: You throw one coin you return to Rome, throw two, you will return and fall in love, throw three and you will return, find love and marry.

They heard the Myth of Trevi Fountain. As they made their way towards it, amidst the crowd they got separated from each other.

She looked around but he was nowhere to be found. She trotted to the fountain alone, her heartbeat surging; she disliked crowds. She threw one coin in, took a deep breath and smiled. There was no need for another, her soul already belonged to him. Whether they were destined to be together, she never really gave it a thought.

Suddenly she noticed him in the distance as he threw a coin. She waited with bated breath if he would throw another. He didn’t, instead, he glanced at her and she immediately averted her eyes. When she looked back he was already making his way towards her through the crowd.

Unbeknownst to her he had already noticed her treading through the crowd. His eyes had been roving ever since they had been separated, panicked at having lost his most treasured find and when he saw her he had felt a calming peace.

He had stared at her with awestruck eyes as she threw in her coin and also waited to see if she would throw another in. She never did and he knew she was all his. He threw in his coin, and glanced at her and saw her averting her shy eyes. He knew how much she hated crowds so he waded through the crowd, he held out his hand as he reached her.

Still shy, she didn’t look him in the eye but hand in hand as they made their way out of the crowd, they weren’t two individuals but two mirrors both part of the same soul. And one day if they returned together to Rome, even Trevi Fountain would be proud that it had been witness to a love so pure.



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