“A Tale of the Contrasting Shades of a Woman”

She was not born a warrior,

She has been forged into one.

She wears her scars proudly.

She belongs to nobody but her freedom,

And she loves the ones she cares for more than her freedom.

She is a free soul.

Her past has strengthened her.

She is forbearing and forgiving.

She is perceptive as well as sensitive.

She is brutal withal ruthless.

She cares the most, expects the least and braces herself for the worst.

She won’t ever quit on you.

She canΒ  heal and mend you but


She has an Angelic Divinity about her that hides the Satan underneath.

She holds the powers of infernal destruction,

Which can convert,

Even shattered smithereens to Ashes and blow them into Oblivion.

So, Don’t compel her to reveal her darker shades.

Love her if she is kind to you,

but Fear her,

if you have forced out the darkness in her.

Her contrasting HUES;

Are an Essence that can make you,

but if pushed too far,

Are Deadly enough to break you.



All Rights Reserved. Vanya Rajwar.

The Soul’s UrgeΒ©|2018

Published by

Vanya Rajwar

That "not so social" author. An Alpha by sight but a lone wolf by right. Eternally and Devastatingly romantic. Not 'sugary' but dark and tormented. A furore of passion and the despair of an idealism not realised. An Ambivert; my calm demeanour hides the raging storm of emotions inside. A Freelance Writer; expressing emotions through words.

49 thoughts on “HUES”

  1. Hello Vanya

    My heartfelt thanks to you for following my blog, and for all the likes & comments!And hope we continue to grow and support each other in this journey!

    Also, my blog A Wayward Scribbles reached the milestone of 500+ followers last month and I thought why not celebrate it!

    So, I’m very excited to personally invite you to my blog party(23 May, 2018), since you’re one of those amazing blogger who chose to follow my blog and I would love to show my gratitude!

    See you at the party!

    1. I am so sorry. Just saw your comment today, somehow it reached my spam folder. Heartfelt Congratulations to you on your achievement and Thank you for the invite. It has been a pleasure following your blog. ❀

      1. No problem! And thank you so much for your kind words! And hope you drop by my blog to share your link and check out other blogs too!

  2. Vanya, you have created some frightfully beautiful imagery here. As I read this poem I felt the kind of passion that would allow me to take any risk to be with her. I also sensed the awful danger she would pose sooner or later. But we all have to die sometime, and to die having known her Angelic Divinity would be to die having known heaven on Earth.

    1. Oh my god!! This is a major compliment. I imagined her as the epitome of heaven and hell. She is like the beginning and end but being with her is the best thing anyone can do. When she is in love she gives her all but you don’t want to rouse her darker shades of destruction by being confused or unstable with her.
      I am glad you liked my potrayal.

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