“A small Tale of the Incomplete Chapters”

Life is a hysterical riot, the stories it weaves create an uproar without bias .

Chapters with a climax are easier to tackle,

as they face the axe after a definite end;  granting blissful freedom from their shackles.


Hurtful are the chapters that lie incomplete,

as worthwhile enough to don the cloak of CLOSURE; they are never deemed.



All Rights Reserved. Vanya Rajwar.

The Soul’s Urge©|2018

Published by

Vanya Rajwar

That "not so social" author. An Alpha by sight but a lone wolf by right. Eternally and Devastatingly romantic. Not 'sugary' but dark and tormented. A furore of passion and the despair of an idealism not realised. An Ambivert; my calm demeanour hides the raging storm of emotions inside. A Freelance Writer; expressing emotions through words.

25 thoughts on “CLOSURE”

    1. Naah!!! Most are about love, inspired by my observation of people over the years. Wrote them over the years. A junior suggested I should start writing a blog so here I am. Haha!!

      1. Oh I see 🙂 Good keep writing and try haiku..they are powerful..and got me more readders…3 lines of poems to express whole story..difficult to write and they r powerful

  1. Vanya, where do you get such insights into the vagaries of human life? Believe me, I am much older than you and yet I doubt that I could have come up with such philosophical clarity before I had read what you have written here.
    Publishers are waiting for you, of that you can be sure.
    Your steady admirer, Rich

    1. Just life and observations. For me age has always been a number, it is something I always tell everyone. It depends upon how you handle situations and then sometimes life gives you more to handle than you actually can. That’s when you start being philosophical. I believe in going with the flow and staying at peace. It takes time but once you reach this phase there is an inner calm in you.
      I doubt it but I do hope the publishers are waiting for me. This meant a lot!

      1. I’m also known to say that age is just a number, but at my age I cross the fingers of both
        hands and hope they never stop making vitamin pills.

      2. I can understand the pills. I have had s deep connection with them for what seems ages now!! Go with the flow! Everything will turn out well! 🙂

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